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Create Telegram Stickers and get usage stats for your stickers with this bot. This is official bot from Telegram.


/start: To start the bot.
Stickers & Masks
/newpack - create a new sticker pack.
/newmasks - create a new pack of masks.
/newanimated - create a pack of animated stickers.
/addsticker - add a sticker to an existing pack.
/editsticker - change emoji or coordinates.
/ordersticker - reorder stickers in a pack.
/setpackicon - set a sticker pack icon.
/delsticker - remove a sticker from an existing pack.
/delpack - delete a pack.
/stats - get stats for a sticker.
/top - get top stickers.
/packstats - get stats for a sticker pack.
/packtop - get sticker packs top.
/topbypack - get top stickers in a pack.
/packusagetop - get usage stats for your packs.
/cancel - cancel the current operation.

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